21 July 2011

Moonrise with Smog

Moon Rise
Smoke from a fireworks show combined with moisture on a warmish July night to form a cloud of smog, which drifted northward from Capitol Lake on Budd Inlet. In this photo, the rising Moon can be seen.

19 July 2011

Harmful Activities

According to some Buddhist thinkers, there are 10 major harmful activities. I found the following on the Tricycle Magazine website:

THERE ARE TEN actions that we must become completely aware of and completely abandon in our lives. They are divided into three unvirtuous actions of the body: killing, stealing, and sexual misconduct; four unvirtutous actions of speech: lying, slander, harsh speech, and idle chatter; and three unvirtuous actions of mind: covetousness, wishing harm on others, and wrong view.


08 July 2011

I Am (the documentary [by Tom Shadyac])

I have posted this before, and now I am posting again. This is a strong film, entertaining and with a powerful message. I saw it for the second time in the theater last week, and it has me thinking a lot. I have talked with several people about the film.

Here's the trailer from YouTube:

04 July 2011

Scenic Beach State Park Panoramic Vista

I am back in Olympia after the weekend festivities at the Fellowship of Reconciliation Annual Northwest Conference at Seabeck.

[There are bombs bursting in air as I type this. (I wish people wouldn't celebrate war...)]

The weekend was busy, and my head is full of ideas, and my heart is full of feeling. Lots of introspective processing, and also processing about the ways of the world. Thoughts about Ayn Rand and socio-pathic corporations v. "parasitic human-beings"... Thoughts about changing the world, and visions of an economic that is not predatory... Feelings about where I am at in life, what I am doing, who I am... Lots and lots!

The people at Seabeck were great. I wish I only had time and energy to really get to know everyone there!

Many stories to tell. And some great jokes!

Here's a photo from early Monday morning, the 4th of July. This is from Scenic Beach State Park, which is about 2 miles from the Seabeck Conference Center.

Scenic Beach State Park view of Olympic Mountains and Hood Canal
Monday 4 July 2011, Olympic Mountains and Peninsula, seen across Hood Canal from Scenic Beach State Park, Seabeck, Kitsap Peninsula
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Large size high resolution version available for purchase. Please inquire at robertfwwhitlock@gmail.com

03 July 2011

Photos from Seabeck 2011

Hood Canal and Olympic Mountains, Saturday 2 July 2011, view from Big Beef Creek, Seabeck, WA
Saturday 2 July 2011, Seabeck

This is the view from near Big Beef Creek. The waterway is the Hood Canal. The mountains are the Olympics. On the right hand side of the image are some of the docks for the Naval Base Kitsap Bangor Submarine Nuclear Weapons facility.

I am in Seabeck for the Fellowship of Reconciliation Annual Northwest Regional Conference. The theme of this year's conference is fair and sustainable economics. More information here: www.wwfor.org/

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