24 November 2013

Salary Cap

edited Monday 9 December 2013

In light of the facts of industrial overshoot: society currently depends on more resources than the planet can sustainably provide for, and a massive extinction of species is underway, et al.. And considering the horrible and horrendous things (like pollution and war) that have been going on in the name of accumulating wealth: what do you think, might a salary cap, or perhaps even an overall wealth cap, be considerable as reasonable and responsible social protections? Whad'ya think?!

I recently got to speak about this with Kenrick Ward, of the Your Daily Hour With Me TV program, here's some of how the conversation went, starting at about 12minutes and 20 seconds into the episode:
YDHWM 1154 Magical Realism 131115
YDHWM 1154 Magical Realism 131115
Thank you!

Additional thoughts:
Maybe true that no matter how meritorious, nor hard-working, beyond a certain point—no amount of salary or wealth makes sense? What would seem like reasonable amounts?