30 March 2011

Some Recent Photos

Here are some recent photos and images from the past week or two. More information is attached on the flickr photo pages.

Sky Over Olympia
Friday 19 March 2011
Olympia, Washington

There are a couple of events today and tomorrow happening at Heritage Park. One is the Pacific Northwest Medicine Wheel. Another is the Global Day of Listening project.

Here is a link to a 1min 40sec YouTube video focusing mostly on the GDL project:


more photos:

18 March 2011

Moon Over Capitol

Moon over Capitol Lake
People and public interest over profit. Schools not war. Government needs to STOP working for the advantage of some over others! General Strike! No school, no work, until government works for mutual benefit—for the public interest.

End corporate control!

[Thursday 17 March 2011
Olympia, Washington

The Legislative Building dome reflects on Capitol Lake. The Moon illuminates clouds in the sky.

Make sure to check out this blog entry about the 17 March 2011 Rally to Protect Our Future: olyblog.net/photos-todays-rally

Stop the cutting!]

13 March 2011

The world is waking up; rise up!

The World is Waking Up!

Invest in peace, not war.

Friday 11 March 2011, Olympia WA—At the Friday evening Olympia FOR (Fellowship of Reconciliation) weekly peace vigil

Dear All: Invest in peace, not war. Divest from war. It's the right time to change. The USA can stop bullying—stop treating people poorly. We can find mutual welfare and happiness in life-serving policies. Please: put international public interest before private/special/national interest.
Thank you!

08 March 2011

Asmaa Mahfouz

This is the transcript of a speech by Asmaa Mahfouz, posted to the Internet approximately one week prior to the massive Tahrir Square, Cairo rally of the 25th of January. I pulled this from Democracy Now!. There is more information on DN! about Ms. Mahfouz here, and here.

05 March 2011

No Imperialism, No Racism

Racial and economic justice, and the cessation of violent conflict! Abolition of an offensive economic, military-industrial establishment...

The enemy is not personnel. It is not personal. The enemy is ignorance. The enemy is fear, xenophobia, racism and other prejudice. The enemy is aggression and violence and hate.

Here are three copies of a video I recently made, my intent was to deal with the problem of an 'us v. them' mentality, privilege and oppression, wealth disparity, socio-economic harmfulness, and I suppose, violence in general.

Videos are below the fold.