19 April 2014

The Size of Things

Four photos:
Background: going through photos for an exhibit for Artswalk (at Urban Medicinals.) These are some photos that will not be on display.

21 March 2014

Ode to the Industrial Age

Massive extractions, massive amounts of fossil fuels; such a relatively brief geological time-frame -- the geological blink of an eye; life on planet Earth, in the cross hairs?

- Certain economic uplift for some of world's population.
- Pollution, including green house gasses.
- Increasing extremity of real economic inequality between rich and poor.

Problem: No one knows what will happen.
- We do however know some of the certain present day outcomes, and while for a percentage, oh say roughly 20% of the world's population, life has gotten better, for many, it may be argued, improvements have not really panned out, and many people are stuck in impoverishment, and further, enslavement, in order to suit the economic benefits of others.
- We also know that a massive extinction event is already well under way. Many species have already been drive to demise, as a result of industrial impacts on environmental conditions, the ecological balances necessary for life to flourish.

And so what about the future... It is reasonable to question whether current activities might result in ever increasing consequences for over all life on Earth. This is not even to mention the present day injustices and violence associated with the current harmful economic paradigm.

So, why do some still take profit and reap reward from activities that do so much to harm (to others, and to the overall diversity and balance of life on Earth.) So--What do you think?

02 March 2014

02 February 2014

Calling Corporate Power

On this episode of the program, we (me and Kenny) called and commented on several of these companies:
Bohemian Grove, Manhattan Project, atomic weapons, Global Dominance, empire, General Electric, General Dynamics, etc. ... ALEC ... Google Maps, disregarding Native American Reservations . . . forgetting indigenous traditions . . . death and destruction, pride and prejudice, in the service of financial elitism. Oh man . . .

04 January 2014