24 February 2012

Occupy the Story

Cut through the hype. The falsities, the "pleasant" lies, and distractions. The myths of meritocracy, and of scarcity.

Because the reality is that there is enough for every one. There's enough to have decent, dignified, and meaningful jobs that pay well—and healthcare, for everyone, for everyone to be treated well, everyone. 

Cut through the illusion. That everyone is okay: that everything is pretty much okay, that "it's all good," that we are all just doing our best. That this economy somehow serves humanity. When the truth is that this economy serves inhumanity, promoting death and destruction for profit. It's like a monster barely reigned in, just enough, enough to protect the illusion.

This economy is like a cannibal. If we as humans are supposed to be part of the economy, if we are of it, and it is of us— then it is a cannibal, because it has consumed us. Some of us are over-stressed, over-worked, and some of us are without work, or too little work, or too traumatized by past abuses and/or society's triggers to even consider looking for work. For some, it is too many hours with too little pay. For others, it is millions of dollars for a signature (backed up by what?!). What's the what—really.

Occupy reality! This is war. A brutal ages old war. It is war to protect humanity and planet against the economy. Some pursue a supposed economic "self-interest" at any expense. Some have done and would do harm in order to pursue a supposed enlightened economic "self-interest." But the truth: is that we are interconnected—all of us. So any harms eventually boomerang, upon us, and upon those close to us.

So how about an occupation of reality, and how about working toward creation of a balanced, respectful and harmonious relationship between humanity and planet. How about looking forward to a future where people may have a planet with stable and diverse eco-systems, where all people, (regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or any other personal characteristics,) may have even greater opportunities than those of today.

Occupy society. Occupy stability. Occupy policy, occupy the story, for the benefit of all!

By the Cherberg Senate Building, Olympia, Washington 29 November 2012

21 February 2012


Dear Legislators, please remember: it has been incorrect all along to serve the special interests of the 1% at the expense of everyone else! Serving the special interests of the 1% is to the detriment of everyone. We are the 99%, we need justice! Reparations for past abuses! Stability for future generations! For the benefit of all! Much love, and thank you!


01 February 2012

Here is a tweet I posted that goes to my segment of testimony in support of a bill in the Washington State legislature to create a state bank. Below the tweet are more words in support of the public banking idea.

Photo Essay, a whole bunch of photos!

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In the Clouds
29 December 2011, McLane Creek Nature Area Beaver Dam Pond

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