28 August 2012

Panorama of Budd Bay

This is the scene from Budd Bay, last week, on Thursday afternoon.

16 wide Budd Bay

see below the fold for a full size image > 20,000 pixels

12 August 2012

Burrough's Mountain

Yesterday I went on a hike near Ti'swaq. Ti'swaq is the native name of the mountain according to Robert Satiacum. KOMO News has a story on that here and there is a Restore Native Names website here.

The hike was at the Sunrise area. It was my first time there, and the landscape was totally awesome. The air was hazy. And perhaps that even added to the mystical quality of the area, which alternated between moon scape and lush wildflower garden, with plenty of snow patches, even at this time in early middle August.

It was a busy weekend Saturday. And it was totally worth it. Even with so many people, the trail was not too congested, and people were in good spirits. The Sun was very hot, and for anyone with sensitive skin, sunblock is highly recommended. There was very little shade on the trail.

I have a lot of photographs, I plan to process and post more (to this Flickr photoset.)

For starters, I have already processed a couple of panoramas, and uploaded them to Flickr. I will post them below. I also uploaded a couple of videos, with more on the way.

The first panorama is the view from the escarpment on the way to the first of the three Burrough's Mountains. In the distance can be scene trails to Mystic Lake, Berkeley Valley, and Fremont Mountain and lookout.

The second panorama is from the Southern side of the first of the Burroughs, and shows the volcano, with one of the largest glaciers, the Emmons glacier, where the White River flows out of its terminus. The images were captured just past an area where a persistent patch of snow is still packed on the trail.

Here they are, with videos to follow: