30 August 2005

Karl Rove: Bush's Brain! - No Wonder

Sad Man

It's well past time that the American People demand the curtain be pulled back (Toto, a little assistance, please.) This smarmavescent and calumnious, worm tongued deceiver has no place working in the USA's highest elected office.

An Internet search will yield massive quantities of ideas and actions to take. I recommend writing the White House. Preferably a letter a la snail mail. Call them; write them email. Let your friends and maybe your co-workers know about it. Talk about it liberally.

Then call your representatives. Both Senators, and your Representative. Call if they are D or R. The democrats need to hear from their constituency and put some increased stiffness into their spines. The current accumulation of dissent from the so-called opposition party is paltry and pathetic.

If that doesn't work, hoard your dog's' shit; keep rotten eggs /fruit /vegetables. Next time Karl's in town - you know the act. Oh Jeese, I am Just Kidding!!!?

But seriously, what's it coming to? With a history like his, in a decent society, Karl Rove would be unemployable, except maybe flipping burgers. This man should in no way hold a position of power and influence in government. Period.

28 August 2005

Where in the World is Bob Novak?

This picture of Bob promptly disappeared from the google image search of him after I posted it on Daily KOS. Go Figure! Re-post it liberally!

Update 6:42 pm - false alarm - I was searching with different terms, Bob, instead of Robert. Image still comes up when searching for "Robert Novak."

I did try posting it on DKOS and it didn't want to show up until I published it here - instead of leaving it as a draft.

27 August 2005

The Climate Crisis

It's a pressing problem, more so every day, as people begin to feel the consequences and effects of human actions and impact on the environment. The climate is one such environmental topic which is beginning to show noticeable signs of human interaction. Here's a plug for the Climate Crisis Coalition, which is one of a multitude of groups working on this critical issue.

From their website

Climate change isn't just another issue in this complicated world of proliferating issues. It's the issue that unchecked will swamp all others. Unfortunately, the urgency of the climate crisis is overwhelmed by competition from other major problems.

We have been attacked by terrorists. We are disturbed by the ongoing crisis in Iraq. Our trick-or-treat economy is as unnerving to investors as it is cruel to workers. These diverse challenges may be susceptible to a common solution -a rapid worldwide transition to clean energy.

This is a call to peace and justice, business, labor, environmental justice, student, women's, religious, academic, scientific, political, minority and cultural communities to begin working together to advance this clean energy revolution and build a new campaign.

26 August 2005

The Flying Spaghetti Monster

"Touched by His Noodly Appendage"

I found this to be funny.
The one true religion?

The originator of the Flying Spaghetti Monster wrote a letter to the Kansas board of education demanding that it receive equal time in the class room with evolution and intelligent design theories.

24 August 2005

National ID Card by 2008?

Bruce Ramsey / Times editorial columnist
The known unknowns of a national ID card

A new federal law now orders every state to create a standard system for driver's licenses. If Washington is not ready by May 11, 2008, your license won't get you on an airline flight or perhaps (they're not sure yet) allow you to open a federally insured bank account.

National ID card? Does this count as Big Brother's next step toward fascism? Or is this a good idea, will it help prevent terrorism? John Roberts, Bush's SCOTUS nominee has long been pro-nat'l id. card.

I can think of a few problems with the institution of a nationalized identification system. One is cost. In WA state, the "regular" driver's license will remain available, but it will carry a stipulation that it's not good for id purposes - so, what good is it if it doesn't ID a driver? There are plenty of aspects to this that don't make sense.

What do you think?

23 August 2005

Hugo Chavez Makes Offer of Cheap Oil to America's Poor

Not directly related to Chavez or oil company gouging the American consumer but a powerful picture: "Bill Moyer, 73, wears a "Bullshit Protector" flap over his ear while President George W. Bush addresses the Veterans of Foreign Wars. (AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac)"

Chavez, Salud

In a statement made today; the President of the 5th largest oil exporter [as a nation (Venezuela,)] Hugo Chavez laid to rest any fears that Pat Robertson's desire for assassination (Chavez) had been granted. By what means does Robertson envision an assassination occuring: be they divine - Christian, just plain criminal, or otherwise? Robertson's comment appears to be anathema to the war on terror - in fact his comments reek of terrorism. All of this from a man who is proclaimed to be a conduit for the word of God? I don't think so!

Better line up the lawyers Patman.

Reuters has this:"Venezuela's ambassador to Washington, Bernardo Alvarez, said Bush needs to guarantee Chavez's safety at next month's United Nations meeting in New York.

"Mr Robertson has been one of this president's staunchest allies. His statement demands the strongest condemnation by the White House," Alvarez said."

CNN has this:"Chavez said Venezuela could supply gasoline to Americans at half the price they now pay if intermediaries who "speculated ... and exploited consumers" were cut out."

Usted es buen presidente. Don't let crazies like Robertson, Bush or others from the USA bother you. Robertson must have a very sad heart despite his supposed Christian faith. I think, however, that Mr. Robertson could use our prayers.

22 August 2005

New Poll Shows Bush Approval at All Time Lows

I found this photo at Daily KOS.

ARG Poll Information

According to the poll results posted today by the American Research Group, Bush's overall job approval rating is 36%; 58% disapprove, and 6% remain undecided. On the economy, his numbers are slightly worse than his overall ratings.

21 August 2005

When Clinton Commited Troops to Bosnia

These politicians said:

"Victory means exit strategy, and it's important for the President to explain to us what the exit strategy is."
— Governor George W. Bush (R-TX)

"You can support the troops but not the president."
— Rep Tom Delay (R-TX)

"[The] President...is once again releasing American military might on a foreign country with an ill-defined objective and no exit strategy. He has yet to tell the Congress how much this operation will cost. And he has not informed our nation's armed forces about how long they will be away from home. These strikes do not make for a sound foreign policy."
— Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA)

"I had doubts about the bombing campaign from the beginning...I didn't think we had done enough in the diplomatic area."
— Senator Trent Lott (R-MS)

— Quotes courtesy of the Women's Vote Center; via my Mom. Thanks MOM!

20 August 2005

Is Bush Crazy Enough to Attack Iran?

There are reasons to think he is. Bush has made it a point to be clear about his willingness to use any option available to discourage Iran from attaining weapons grade uranium. He said the same thing about Iraq prior to the invasion of that country.

Meanwhile, Iran shows no sign of bending to Dubya's will or threats. Al Jazeera has this:
"We won't stop nuke enrichment"

Iran’s supreme ruler Ayatollah Ali Khamenei reiterated on Friday that his country does not intend to build nuclear weapons, but he stressed that it will continue to enrich uranium as it does not want to be dependent on others for its nuclear fuel needs.

The same cannot be said of Iraq or Hussein, who shouted to the international community the fact that his country was in compliance with UN resolutions banning the possession of WMD.

Not that Iran is claiming to possess, or even seek possession of fissionable weapons of mass destruction. No credible information has surfaced, linking Iran's interest in fissionable materials to a desire to harness them for destructive purposes or weapons.

It seems to me, that until it can be proven that Iran is attempting to build a nuclear weapon, that George Bush should keep his mouth shut. It also seems to me that N. Korea is a much more urgent situation - it is much closer to the USA and Japan geographically. Not to mention the fact that N. Korea already has all but proven it has nuclear weapons.

18 August 2005

Media going Right — off the brink!

This is just plain disturbing. Hey Malkin, consider taking a triple, instead of a quadruple shot mocha next time okay?

16 August 2005

The White House has so far Denied a FOIA request by Several Members of Congress...

Photo Credit: MotherEarth.org

Please read more about this at ConyersBlog.

Here's my take (I wrote as much in a daily email update I send out to a few family members, feel free to contact me if you want to recieve the update.)
It's been a long time now that I have been saying the White House is stacked with criminals. The trend in this White House (and those preceeding this one) is toward increasingly secretive behaviors. Even every day matters are being swallowed up in the megalomania of an intense and nearly utter secrecy - And this all the while Mr. Bush preaches about the importance of transparency for successful Democracy.

Alas, the Downing Street Memo receedeth not! And what joy doest it bringeth unto the humble hearts of the seekers of justice. Perhaps one day, perhaps one day soon, we shall see revealed the true character of the White House's resident, sniveling and snarling like a dog.

Cornered like a dog the resident will be; in a junk yard of exposed lies and myths.

It makes me wonder if the sky is blue (or just whatever color is it: maybe black and white?) in Bush land. I am convinced: that on Bush's Crawford Compound, if a tree falls and no one is nearby to witness it, the damn thing just does not make a sound, in other words, it didn't happen!

What a fantastical world they play in, the most powerful (arguably - my vote's with Jesus) man in the world, with the psychology of a toddler...

All Hail the Chimperor in Chief!

Hey, what's happening here? Where am I!?

"Justice Sunday?"

On Saturday, I was reading a story about the then up-coming Justice Sunday activities when U2's 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' came on the radio.

I am interested in whether or not the church, which played host to the J.S. festivities, is still eligible for tax-ememption. If you know anymore about this, please feel free to indoctrinate me in the legal aspects of using the religious pulpit for political manuevering.

It's a little dated, but here is an article relating to the SCOTUS and JS:

Conservatives Rally for Justices
Leaders Ask for Nominees Who Will End Abortion and Gay Rights

By Thomas B. Edsall

Washington Post Staff Writer

Monday, August 15, 2005; Page A02

NASHVILLE, Aug. 14 -- Prominent conservative political and religious leaders called Sunday night for Senate approval of Supreme Court nominees who will vote to end the constitutional right to abortion, against recognition of same-sex marriage and for fewer restrictions on religious expression in public places...linked to remainder

14 August 2005

Message to Media: White House Secrecy, Deception and Dirty Dealing Go Under-Covered

If we had systems of mainstream media in this country that were truly interested in holding the government accountable, and holding gov't to the truth; then the White House couldn't possibly get away with what it is currently getting away with.

Unfortunately, those in the press corps (I am speaking of the Main-Stream Media here - both "left" and "right"), are beholden to the tyrants. Those in power want more power. Therefore, they have little to no interest in governmental accountability. If the government was accountable, the systems by which the rich become ultra-rich, the powerful become ultra-powerful wouldn't function. Government is moving and tending toward absolute fascism, which may sound alarmist. But we are on a slippery slope, and things are changing now; it can be hard to notice gradual change - but it's certainly noticeable to anyone who gives a rats ass enough to tune in.

Our government, supposedly accountable to the people, once upon a time, (at least for wealthy white male land-owners — maybe things haven't really changed) has been sold out to the highest plutocratic bidders.

However, the vision for a system in which equality amongst peoples prevails and where social responsibility and matters of health are the factors by which decisions of import are weighed is a highly valid one; perhaps never more so than now.

We all have a decision to make, but especially those who hold positions of power and influence in the upper ranks of the (nationally syndicated) media echelon.

Try to reach back into your earliest memories of when you were a young child. Grasp that sense of possibility, innocence, trust, faith... We can make a better world, a world without needless suffering, a world of beauty and joy. The decision is ours.

Addendum: Make Weblog part of the new media, and use it as an organizing tool: Use the Progressive Democrats of America's website to find your federal representative and senators contact information. Then give them call and ask to see that President Bush is held accountable, held to answer for his lies; and duly implicated, impeached and indicted. (or something along those lines!)

13 August 2005

Can Germany Stop White House Naziism?

A day after Bush signalled that all options are on the table for taking action against Iran's intent to get nuclear power (not weapons - show me credible evidence that Iran is seeking fissionable weapons arsenal - and then tell me why, if the USA does, they don't have a right to nuclear weapons - ) up and running in their country, German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder denounced the White House and called for a statement against using military action. Can European sanity and politicking prevent Bush from reaching PNAC goals? Can they dissuade the White House from an attack on Iran? From the BBC:

Germany attacks US on Iran threat:

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has warned the US to back away from the possibility of military action against Iran over its nuclear programme.

12 August 2005

Military Shipments at the Port of Olympia

This is part of a letter I recently wrote as personal correspondence with someone who objects to my opposition of the Military's use of the Port of Olympia to ship war supplies:

I can understand some of your concerns about opposing
the military's use of the municipal port here in
Thurston County WA.

I am still opposed to the military use though.
Firstly, the military, despite the port's desires to
do business with them, hadn't visited the port for 17
years, until last year. The fast attack nuclear
powered submarine, (city's namesake) USS Olympia's,
planned visit was stymied by a group of citizens and
the city council who objected to the potential
presence of nuclear weapons aboard the vessel.

After the sub's denial of entry, the military promptly
resumed military shipments at the port - after a,
previously mentioned, 17 year hiatus. I am forced to
assume the return to Thurston County's municipal port
was a reprisal for the submarine's stifled visit (of
which I was no part.)

The military has other options, using the port of
Tacoma (their usual destination) is mostly likely less
expensive for them. Part of the savings: they don't
have to hire a private pilot to guide the ships past
where the shipping lane ends in Tacoma.

I won't argue with you either. No point really. I
just wanted to let you know some of the reasons I
believe this.

I also believe the real enemy is president Bush and
the neo-conservatives he answers to - who have, by the
way, betrayed real republicans and true conservatives.
The are imposters, hi-jackers - a criminal mafia who
are using the gov't of the USA to commit crimes and
loot natural resources of other countries.

11 August 2005

Write Cindy Sheehan a Postcard

If you can't make it to Camp Casey:

Cindy Sheehan
c/o Crawford Peace House
9142 5th Street
Crawford, TX 76638-3037

Or send her flowers:

Enchanted Garden Room
(254) 932-5255
1002 State Highway 6
Valley Mills, TX 76689
8.1 mi NW of Cindy
(I have not verified this florist's information.
Please leave a comment if you do!)

Please call Bush and tell him to meet with Cindy (couresy of PDA.)

The Real Enemy

The real enemy to America is neo-conservativism.

Update August 31st:Link to more information about neoconservatism, neoconservatives and their agenda.

Neo-conservatives have betrayed the republican party, they have contaminated not only the republican party, but America and the world with their filthy and psychopathic imperialist aspirations.

American's will benefit from an election cycle in 2006, which focuses on drawing out and focusing on the neo-conservative agenda.

Most American's are sensible, when the truth about the neo-cons is broadcast in the broader media structure, America's dissent and derision of all that the neo-cons stand for will serve to put these malicious killers out of power and hopefully where they belong; behind the bars of a prison cell.

Update 1 PM: Click here for a perspective on how dangerous the White House is in regard to negligence in taking appropriate measures prior to the 9/11 disaster (just click on the "bird" - or click on the picture in the middle of the page before you get the bird!)

August 12th, 2005 Update: Pat Roberts, Senate Intelligence chairman quietly 'fixed' intelligence, and diverted blame from White House over Iraq

10 August 2005

Been a While, But I'm Still at it

I am still reading 1984 by George Orwell. Don't get discouraged, it's a slow starter, and in today's climate, some of the aspects of the book, which might be considered humorous, are rather somber and depressing. It is amazing how much some of it rings true when I look at what is happening to society. It starts getting more interesting around page 70 or 80.

Anyway, here's a couple interesting passages that I photo-copied:

Olympia Nuclear Free Zone Ordinance

Update: Here's an article published by the Olympian today, August 11, 2005.

Here is a pdf of the actual city ordinance that is going to be considered next week, and put to vote the week after (as I understand the timeline.)

Yesterday, on the ninth, the City Council of Olympia Washington held a hearing and public comment forum on a proposed ordinance to make Olympia a Nuclear Free Zone. About forty citizens of Olympia made comments, lasting nearly two hours. The citizens who chose to give oral testimony regarding the proposed ordinance were unanimous in support of adopting the Nuclear Free Zone ordinance. Way to go Olympia!

Currently, there are over 4,000 established Nuclear Free Zones world wide.

The seven person council appeared to favor adoption of the ordinance, with two exceptions. One was the mayor, Mark Foutch.

The language specific to, and legal basis of the ordinance revolves around three main points

  1. Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: Prohibition of nuclear
    facilities including development, production, transportation,
    storage, processing and disposal.
  2. Investments of City Funds: Requests the City Manager to
    submit a proposal to the City Council to consider a socially
    responsible investment policy and implementation plan for
    investments of city funds in industries that are knowingly and
    intentionally engaged in the development, testing, evaluation,
    production, maintenance, storage, transportation and or disposal
    of nuclear weapons or their components.
  3. Eligibility of City Contracts: Requires that the City of
    Olympia grant no awards or contracts for any purpose to any
    person, firm, corporation or entity which is knowingly or
    intentionally engaged in the development, research, production,
    maintenance, storage, transportation and/or disposal of nuclear
    weapons or their components.

Rumor has it that the Motorola corporation is strongly opposed to this ordinance. Nextel, which holds contracts with the city is a subsidiary of Motorola. Nextel provides communication technology, devices and services to everything from the police and fire departments to city maintenance. Motorola is known to be involved in the nuclear weapons industry.

Maybe it's time to divest from Motorola. Believe it or not, Motorola has lent technology to the Chinese to make their ICBM's able to "penetrate enemy defenses."

In September 1998, the CIA testified before the Senate National Security Committee that the Motorola technology is being modified by China to double the number of nuclear warheads on the CSS strategic missile. The Motorola transfer also allowed China to upgrade their DF-15 (DONG FENG - Maoist slogan "East Wind") missile with maneuvering warheads that can avoid American anti-missile defenses such as Patriot and Standard. Motorola transfers significantly upgraded the nuclear firepower and accuracy of Chinese weapons. Motorola technology transfers mean that Chinese warheads can now "penetrate enemy defenses."

Here's US senate testimony regarding Motorola, China and nuclear weapons technology:

Motorola is only the most recent example of American assistance. During the Clinton Administration, the Commerce Department allowed Huawei to buy high-performance computers worth $685,700 from Digital Equipment Corporation, worth $300,000 from IBM, worth $71,000 from Hewlett Packard and worth $38,200 from Sun Microsystems. In addition, Huawei got $500,000 worth of telecommunication equipment from Qualcomm.

We the people can divest and revoke our consumership of goods and services from businesses and corporations, which are involved and complicit in the nuclear weapons industry. We need to withdraw economic consent. When cities make the move to do this, it's all the better.

War Debases Human Dignity.

08 August 2005

Judy Miller Deserves Jail

Here's a copy of a letter I recently sent to the editor at the NYT:

To the Editor:

Judi Miller should be kicked out on the street and her byline should never again be attached to a NYT article.

Here's what Anita Bartholomew has to say about it, "When your source IS the government, and the government is attempting to use you to target a whistleblower, the notion of shielding a source must be reconsidered."

I urge the Times to publicly admonish Miller and to release her personal accounting so Fitzgerald can get to the bottom of this White House scandal. The NYT is obstructing justice by supporting Miller.


Rob Whitlock

Perseid Meteor Shower: August 11th-13th

The annual Perseid meteor shower arrives later this week. It will be a wonderful opportunity to find some dark skies and take in the awesome night sky, which will be highlighted by the luminous streaking of speeding bits of space dust!

Here Come the Perseids!
The late-night sky will be moonless for meteor watching during this year's shower.
By Alan M. MacRobert

The most familiar annual meteor shower — which happens during many people's vacation seasons — should reach its 2005 peak on Thursday and Friday nights, August 11–12 and 12–13. The first-quarter Moon will set in mid - to late evening, leaving the sky nicely dark for the prime meteor-watching hours from about midnight until the first glimmer of dawn...(full story linked above)

07 August 2005

Petition Bush for Withdrawal from Iraq

You can sign the petition associated with Democrats.com here.

DU and You

This past weekend, I attended a video presentation and forum sponsored by my local chapter of Veterans For Peace.

The topic was the use of depleted uranium munitions over the past fifteen years, from the '91 gulf war through Bosnia up to the present day in Iraq. There is a great deal of controversy regarding the consequences and long lasting health effects of using bombs and bullets fortified with depleted uranium. Opinions can range from viewing the use DU munitions as having no significant short or long term health effects (besides those being in a vehicle that is destroyed by one), to the view that DU presents significant health related problems and has the potential to degenerate the integrity of chromosomes (hence genomes) in a systematic widespread way.

That's a big difference - basically between yes and no, between a non-issue and a genocide worse than what happened in Germany to the Jews in WWII. Most likely this is not a black and white issue. But there are certainly some reasons to be concerned.

Basically, the addition of DU to munitions gives them more penetrating power. Uranium is roughly twice as dense as lead. The video, "The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium and the Dying Children" was produced by the Traprock Peace Center. I highly recommend seeing this movie. Certainly anyone in the military, or with family in military service, really needs to see this movie!

We were also treated to a question and answer period with three VFP'ers. Steve Steinfeld, who spent over 20 years in service told his story of working with Nuclear Weapons during his time in active duty. He told us how the Pentagon treated DU with tremendous respect in respect to precautionary measures taken by those involved in the manufacture and testing of the DU munitions. He said that the closer the ammunition got to the "user" the fewer safety precautions were put in place. On the battlefield, in a tank, the principle is expediency over safety.

In one scenario, the video showed how a German doctor undertook the transfer of a spent DU round from Iraq to three different German universities for testing. The first two refused to accept the bullet. The third told him that it was Friday, and to come back on Monday. When he came back, he was arrested for transporting and exposing the public to a hazardous radioactive substance. He was fined, he refused to pay, served 5 weeks in jail - and got his evidence, though in a circumstantial way. When the police came, a hazardous materials team secured the bullet he bore. I am no where near doing justice to the important message this film contains. You simply must see it for yourself.

06 August 2005

Liars in White House Employ

Whether or not Karl Rove will be indicted for criminal misconduct in the outing of Valerie Plame's identity as a CIA agent operating under non-official cover, it is well documented that he is a liar.

Therefore, we can assume that the White House isn't bothered by Karl Rove's indecent and smarmy behavior. Can we therefore also assume that the White House approves of Rove's attempt to calumnate and dissemble the issue of Iraq's lack of WMD? The president needs to make a reprimand concerning Karl Rove's behavior.

Maybe we have Bill Clinton to thank for this blatant disregard of the importance of honesty in the White House.

05 August 2005

Forget the Facelift, Look for a New Body

Is it possible that America is beyond the point of return to sanity and normalcy? Damn right it's possible. The mainstream media is slipping gradually into full blown doublespeak. The federal government is nearly totally out to lunch regarding issues of concern (e.g. healthcare, tax cuts for the ultra-rich, the crisis in ecology, etc.) for the people of the United States of America.

I found this great piece of wisdom on an open thread discussion at TruthOut.org;

Quinn's First Law. It won't surprise you. It may even strike you as obvious. Here it is. 'No undesirable behavior has ever been eliminated by passing a law against it'.

The second is Buckminster Fuller's Law, which is this: You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

I have been troubled lately by a sense of overwhelm and powerlessness when confronted with the realities of our environment. Belligerence is reaching unprecedented levels, both in government, but also in civil society. There is a polarization that is undermining society. The mainstream media representations of current events is desensitizing and debasing.

The comment I found came in the nick of time. Yes, I feel and believe it is high time for a new model, a new culture, a new society altogether.

There are some ideas already floating around in many of our consciousnesses. I am looking forward to a discussion about this topic!

04 August 2005

Election Strategies

Now is the time for progressives, independents, democrats, anyone who is interested in opposing the status quo in government to begin developing election strategies for 2006.

There are a multitude of important decisions to make, like; endorsement considerations and running third party candidates to challenge the status quo opposition.

It is obvious that the neo-conservative agenda is harmful, and destructive to America and the world at large. Should we focus on de-throning the neo-cons? Should we vote our consciences? Maybe de-throning the neo-cons is obeying the conscience; it may be. At least, we need a greater set of voices of reason in government. Perhaps we should focus on small steps, then we can work on healing and improving things, once the wound is cauterized and the bleeding stopped.

Or in Naderesque fashion, is a better strategy to come right out with it and challenge the whole power structure? To call-out the inherent problems in America vis a vis Corporatism, environmental and social crisis, etc - Maybe the majority is not ready for these messages. But maybe we can develop a system of framing to make this message not only palatable, but exciting, appealing and ultimately successful.

These are some important questions that all of us who care about America, and want to see beneficial change, need to start asking. Now is the time to formulate both general and specific electoral strategies.

I think a focus on the local races is important. If we all put our effort in at the local level, then that energy will eventually percolate up the ladder, to state and federal campaigns.

What do you think?

02 August 2005

Defending America Against the Bush Administration's Destructive Tendencies

It is now over four years since Bush, Cheney et al. have taken up the reigns at the White House and led America into a new century. It is high time to be asking the tough questions about what sort of progress, or degeneration has occurred during the four and a half years of rule under Bush. One thing is for sure: things have changed. Both on the domestic front and the international; America's relationship with itself and also with the rest of the world have taken on dramatic new character. There is a widening rift in American society that hasn't existed perhaps since times previous to the civil war.

The Bush administration and its gaggle of pushers, mongers, hangers-on and cronies came to office with a far reaching agenda. They have pushed social, economic and military policies which have had profound and highly noticeable effects and ramifications; they have over 3 more years to continue their radicalization of domestic America and also, of America as a member of the international community. The current White House has pursued an aggressive policy of militarization, corporatism and an intense sequestration of political will and power. They have taken official secrecy to entirely new levels, which continue to expand in scope.

The mainstream media can also take its own share of the blame for the current political and social environment. There has been far too much pandering and far too little coverage of the scandal ridden, criminal clad; Bush White House.

So; What's to do? - A lot! The defense of America against the onslought of the neo-conservative juggernaut must be a people's movement. It must encompass both economic and electoral politics. It will be a social movement. It should evolve from roots deep within local communites. Then, a solid base, a well founded structure will exist to provide a network for expansion and networking on the national and eventually, international levels.

Where to start? Right where you are! Take some time to brainstorm, think of a project in your community you would like to work on. Do some lobbying of local officials, write a letter to the editor of your local news source(s). Find people who live near you who are interested in the same issue(s) and organize. Start a movement. Small victories can build momentum, sustain hope and promise that we can create a benign society and live to see a peaceful world, a world in the process of healing.