06 February 2013



I found the following photos when I was searching my flickr photostream for nature photos for possible use in the Winter 2013 issue of South Sound Green Pages. Here's a wide-ranging assemblage of a bunch of photos, many from around the year 2010.

Let Nature Be Your Teacher

Orange Sky at Percival Landing

03 February 2013

Donald Trump Answers the Phone at McDonald's

Last November (2012,) on Friday the 16th of the month, I was on the Your Daily Hour With Me program with Kenrick Ward. Toward the end of the hour we called McDonald's and it sounded like the person who answered might have introduced themselves as "Donald Trump." :-)

It happened at about 56:55 into the program. Here's a link in case the above video didn't work to go directly to the point: http://youtu.be/nHcaAtf0Rsk?t=56m55s

Then they said it sounded like we were "in a tunnel."

Then a sauce packet exploded!

It was a good time.

Here's in-video video, showing Kenny's rad American Flag pin: http://youtu.be/tghsN18Y24Y