22 October 2013

Recent Appearances on YDHWM

YDHWM 1099 Life is Everywhere 130921 [www.youtube.com/watch?v=ni32cUmjDaY]

Thurston Community Television program, Your Daily Hour With Me, has been taping for over three years now. I have been a somewhat frequent guest on the program for about a couple years now. Here's one of the more recent episodes where I sat down with Kenny for the hour. We look at some video, and hear from a couple regular callers, and discuss some current events.

p.s. I also just posted on Facebook about a couple of recent political events one re: atomic weapons, another re: coal exports. And I got to be at my cousin Alice and Zach's wedding this past weekend, which was great. Big congratulations to them!

04 October 2013

Beautiful Flowers (two images)

1) misty yellow

2) luscious