30 January 2011

Percival Landing January 2011

Percival Landing
This is the view from Southeast Percival Landing, looking toward the North. I was there for the weekly Friday evening peace vigil. The peace vigil goes from 4:30 to 6pm. You're invited and your presence will be welcomed and appreciated if you stop by and join us. No need to stay the whole 1.5 hours, although that's appreciated too. Join us. We'd love to see you!

17 January 2011

We'd like to speak with the commander.

Saturday 15 January 2011, Bangor Kitsap Naval Base

On Saturday I participated in a protest against nuclear weapons. Here is a short recount of the events from my perspective:

The six of us crossed the line holding hands and walked abreast toward the gate sentry. we were confronted in a rapid manner by base security personnel, and I spoke to them, "We'd like to talk to the commander." The security detail seemed to do a double-take, visibly flinch, and then we were told, "sorry, that's not an option." We were then given a chance to "reconsider." We looked at each other and smiled. The security personnel took this as a queue to take us into custody, whereby we were each held by our arms and walked approximately 50 meters or so to a nearby van, where we were processed. I handed over my driver's license and gave them my current address, phone number, full social security number, and current weight. They took photographs, mug shots, straight on and each profile. I tried to smile, but I'm not sure how they turned out.

I hope the soldiers were able to sense that I do not view them as the enemy, and that my concern for their well-being is real. I believe that we are all victims of militarism, racism, and economic injustice—whatever our skin color, or economic background. A system that is based on competition for economic resources, and involves exploitation of labor and other economic abuse is not serving life.

We need a system that serves life, and values the intrinsic dignity and worthiness of every single human being. We are all members of the human family.

More information here:

06 January 2011

Make Sharing the Rule

Humanity and the planet would be a lot better off if society was about mutual service and health, rather than—and instead of—being more about the accumulation of wealth, and about competition over—domination of—material resources. We'd all be a whole lot better off if sharing was the rule.


Severn Suzuki addresses a panel at the 1992 UN (United Nations) Conference on Environment and Development in Brazil

04 January 2011

James J. Hill House (Mansion)

While traveling in Minnesota recently, I had the opportunity to tour the James J. Hill house in St. Paul. Hill was a powerhouse businessperson in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This mansion, building in the late 19th century, cost over 900,000 dollars. In todays dollars, this house would easily cost around 20 million dollars. Mr. and Mrs. Hill and their family of 8 or 10 children occupied the house for many years, and had a live in staff of servants numbering about a dozen, not counting servants whom were housed outside of the house. The house is built in the Richardsonian Romanesque style, and construction lasted some three years. There are many interesting details, and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour (no doubt thanks to our great guide, thanks Joanna!)

I encourage you to check out this interesting place, it tells an important story about the life of Mr. Hill and his family, and the world he had so much impact on.

I uploaded over 100 photos to a facebook album here, and I am uploading photos occassionally to flickr as well, here.

Following is one of my favorites from the visit, and then a flickr slideshow.



Southeast Room

01 January 2011


Hello. It's 2011 now. I realize that I don't like the 12 month calendar. For one, it is invalidating of the Moon's approximately 13 cycles around the Earth. There are other reasons.

Today is sunny and cold here in Olympia. Brisk. Quiet. Crisp.

2011. What will this year bring? Maybe it will bring reconciliation. Maybe it will bring friendliness amongst all people.

May all people can find healing, and space to ask for forgiveness, and to be forgiven for however they may have done harm to others. Let us learn to listen first, without reacting, so that we may address the root causes of violence in society...

May we begin to see changes toward a society that is rational, one that recognizes the interconnectedness of all beings, and seeks to assure the mutual health and happiness of all—for the good of all.

*_* ¡Total peace in 2011!

My friend just called from Idaho, where they're waiting for the shuttle, and they say hi. It's very cold in Idaho, 7º. Hi friend! Safe travels!

Right now I am in a coffee shop. Deanosaur is talking to me about Sea Shephard and whaling. He says the good guys are winning. He says check it out, go to seashephard.org.

Deano says that peacepotential.blogspot.com is going to be the biggest thing in Olympia in 2011.

So, that's it. I am going to go talk to the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers at Traditions in a few minutes.

Total peace! hahaha

Here are some photos.

Wishing for peace in 2011
International Call for Peace

12 months and 13 Moons in the year-what the heck
12 'months' and 13 Moons in the year...what the heck!


PL dark at 6pm
Percival Landing in the Dark at 6pm

Change to a peaceful foreign policy
Counter Fear with Love!

Next 3 Ocks Change
Hallelujah, change for peace!


Best wishes for health and happiness to all!