27 March 2013

Music and Video

The music is just some stuff I recorded in my house with a pocket audio voice recorder, using a piano, and then a guitar. The videos are from December 2012, at Woodard Bay Nature Area and Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge.

08 March 2013

Atmosphere, climate, environment, sky, industrial forcing global temperature rise...

I read an article today on Grist that said the global temperature is at a 4,000 year high. The increase has been precipitous since the mid 19th century, from about 1850-1870 when industrial consumption of fossil fuels markedly increased. Here's a link: Global temperatures are at a 4,000-year high

Global temperatures at a 4,000 year high, after being at a 10,000 year low only 200 years ago?! That is scary!

Societal/Industrial activities have already had severe impacts the planet, and by many accounts, impacts are set to increase. Just that knowledge is enough to be psychologically disruptive, and damaging.

After all, what is the point of destroying the planet? Extreme riches for relatively few people? Can anyone's riches be justified when they depend upon harm to the well-being of planet and humanity?

Much of the living systems on the planet stand to be decimated, severely harmed, if not destroyed outright, and all for what? For a lifetime of luxury? How shallow is that! How uncivilized and inhumane!

Then I saw someone change their cover photo on Facebook to a sunset/sunrise, so I went searching my flickr stream for photos of the sky. I haven't changed my cover photo for a while, so I though I would. I had one in particular in mind, though when I found it, I realized it wasn't what I wanted, so I searched on around some more and found something else...anyway...Here are a few photos I came across in my search:

Gull and Gazebo Promontory
Gull and Gazebo

07 March 2013

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree by ˇBerd
Joshua Tree, a photo by ˇBerd on Flickr.

I have been thinking of this place, Joshua Tree, recently. I remember this trip in 2005. It was a "100 year bloom." Conditions had been just right for a remarkable show of blossoms from the trees. It really was totally awesome. (I don't know why this particular tree doesn't appear to be blooming. and maybe I will dig up some of the other photos to see what's up.)

This was a wonderful place, truly remarkable and awesome, even without a 100 year bloom, well worth a pilgrimage.