29 July 2012

hikin' video +

following is a little bit of video from a hike i did today.

also been thinking about changing the name of the blog (maybe url too.) because of the association of potential with unused energy, "great potential," and such —and wanting to achieve more of an acceptance with the present reality sort of an ambiance... anyway, been thinking about that a little bit, today.

here's that video, i will probably post some photos to flickr in the next few days or so.


12 July 2012

Live Updating on Twitter

I went to the beach yesterday, and used Twitter @berdww to post about ten photos. GPS was enabled, and the location that showed up was specific to Washington State. Here are the updates as posted to Twitter:











07 July 2012

Burfoot Beach

Today I went to Burfoot Park, to the beach there, with Charles. It was about the third or fourth day in a row of cloudlessness. Bright blue sky and hot sunshine as far as the eye could see. A little bit of haze in the air too.

It has been interesting helping with the Public Power Initiative, feeling a sense of nationalism, or at least "countyism." Going to parades and Fourth of July fireworks shows.

Last week, had a talk with Michael about nationalism, and how it's not necessarily a bad thing, if the spirit is good. If the competition is toward a good goal, like sustainability and human rights. Say, hey, we can compete as a county for the most efficient and sustainable electrical infrastructure. We can compete to drive down the factors that cause homelessness and unemployment... Sort of along those lines, we were thinking.

Anyway, here are some striking photos of a bright summer day at Burfoot:

view to the North

rock pile

view to the South

curious dog

marsh area

poison oak

forest in summer

several photos, from tumwater fireworks display, and also the peace vigil, plus a couple that are miscellaneous

03 July 2012

Full Moon July 2012

The Moon is in its Full phase now. It's Tuesday afternoon. Here's a photo from last Saturday, when the Moon was near the Gibbous phase.
I have wondered how much the Moon might have to do with the preponderance of life on this planet Earth. Is it possible that the relationship between planet and satellite are responsible for the conditions that make it possible for such a diversity of life to flourish?

02 July 2012

Tricycle Magazine Website "Daily Dharma"

The Tricycle Magazine website, Tricycle.com, posts Daily Dharma, short statements about meditation, wisdom, spirituality. They're really great, I recommend signing up, whether or not you are Buddhist, or practicing. Sign up here: www.tricycle.com/.