27 February 2011

Worker Solidarity Rally at the Washington State Capitol Campus February 2011

On Saturday 26 February 2011, thousands of people gathered to rally in support of worker rights.

Here's a photo, and there is more of the story here on OlyBlog.

Labor Rally Inside the Washington State Legislative Building

This photo shows the scene as the inside rally was winding down. At one point, the building was packed with people, as some of the links to video in the comments section of the above linked post to OlyBlog will show.

23 February 2011

Four Photos from Grass Lake Refuge

From a visit to Grass Lake Refuge, where it was windy, with simultaneous bright sunshine and snow flurries!

May nature inspire humanity toward a world of ecological and economic sustainability and stability, mutual peace and happiness for all people regardless of age, gender, ability, rate of development, skin color, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, religion (or any other defining characteristic!)

Here are four photos (there are more posted on my Flickr site):

Olympia Grass Lake Refuge

10 February 2011

Colorful Sunset

This is from January 2010:

May the beauty of nature inspire humanity toward great achievement: toward world peace.

07 February 2011

Capitol Campus in February

Monday 7 February 2011, Olympia—This is a leaf on the ground at the Law Enforcement Memorial.

It was a beautiful, although blustery, afternoon at the Washington State Capitol Campus.

I have more photos posted on Flickr of Capitol Lake seen from the LEM, the WWII Memorial, as well as scenes from around the Cap Campus Sundial, which is just to the South of the Legislative Building, in between the Cherberg and O-Brien buildings.

I was there with a rally to protest against budget cuts that will disproportionately affect poor people.

Some more information about that on OlyBlog, here: http://olyblog.net/washington-state-capitol

06 February 2011

Tear Down This Wall!

Part One:
I saw a film today, END:CIV by Franklin Lopez. It talks about some of Derrick Jensen's ideas.

One part of the film mentioned the definition of fascism as the merger of state and corporate power.

What a relevant message in today's U.S.A., where state and corporate power have merged to a remarkably extreme degree.

Here's what I think: I think the wall of fascism, the merger of state and corporate power, ought to be torn down. That would be good for people and planet.

People and planet deserve to be liberated from policies and practices of dominance and conquest. Conquest of human populations and planetary minerals for profit does not serve life.

We need policies that reflect the best nature of humanity, the nature of lovingkindness, tolerance, and respect for life.

No war! No corporatism!

Yes to stability. Yes to sustainable life-serving society.

Part Two:

Practice democracy: abolish the C.I.A..

This is from the weekly Friday evening peace vigil at Percival Landing in Olympia, Washington.

04 February 2011

We can choose a better future.

Hey, join me at the peace vigil! Every Friday (that's today) from 4:30 to 6pm at Percival Landing.

We can choose a better future!