23 November 2010

Capitalism Hurts

Capitalism Hurts Flickr Group Slideshow (link to group photo pool):

Capitalism hurts!

Instead of the accumulation of wealth: imagine a society geared toward mutually beneficial, life-serving interests. Imagine a world of health and well-being, for ALL people!

15 November 2010

Live in Light, Love, and Hope—Conquer Fear

Personally, I believe all people are essentially good inside, and the reason that people hurt each other in this world is because people are trapped in habitual patterns that are encouraged by socio-cultural-economic pressures, and fear.

I think applying labels, like hawk and dove, make it difficult to move past pre-conceived notions, false assumptions. I think this labeling is a problem—it promotes prejudice, and it promotes jumping to conclusions.

Rather than judge others, I think it is better to pursue communication, to challenge peoples' assumptions about each other. To be patient, and persistent, and hopeful. To talk, and to listen.

Because in a world that is so rife with violence, what good is it to live without hope for a better future? What service would we be doing for the childrens' children of today's children if we were go forth into the world, into the supposed work of bringing peace, with gloomy countenances stooped low in hopeless desperation that the world is fated toward violence and destruction. Nay, it seems to me that peace, true peace, peace with justice—real world peace—is possible.

I believe that the great great great majority of people, if not all people, are essentially good, caring people; we have common values: like honesty, truthfulness, respect for one another and the planet, to ask and gain consent before taking, etc.

I believe it is a product of fear that some people exploit and steal, plundering the planet and human labor for some supposed economic self-interest...

So instead of giving in to fear, re-doubling and re-doubling its effects by allowing them to pervade our own sphere, what if we walk in light, and hope, and belief that another world is possible; what if then we encourage and allow others to do the same, to promote, support and accelerate their liberation from the gloom of helplessness in the very real and tremendous face of economic and political violence: violence that is daily visited upon the people of this small planet...

I don't believe in a utopia where all suffering can be eradicated. I think life will always involve some amount of pain and suffering. People will always stub their toe. Or fall down when they are learning to walk, etc.

But life in today's world, for most people, if not everyone, comes with unnecessary suffering: so much unnecessary suffering, and in some cases, extraordinarily horrible unnecessary suffering.

I believe much of this suffering, especially the worst of it, really is unnecessary, and I believe we humans have the ability to evolve our consciousness, our awareness of each other, to develop our understanding of the interconnected nature of humanity—and to radically eradicate this type of suffering which is unnecessary, and which is the product of fear-based socio-cultural patterns.

Walk in the light, live in the love. We are never alone. Hope springs eternal.


10 November 2010

Ahmed Moor: Time to Dismantle Palestinian Authority

It's Time to Dismantle the Palestinian Authority by Ahmed Moor
an excerpt:
Those salaries are then spent on regular commodity goods -- yogurt, laundry detergent, cellular phones -- that are either produced by Israel or are subject to exorbitant import tariffs. At the same time, Israel imposes anti-market, anti-competitive, protectionist economic policies in the West Bank and Gaza to prevent the genesis or development of genuine Palestinian industry. The result is a badly developed Palestinian service economy whose primary function is to consume Israeli goods.

04 November 2010

Why are some people so much richer than others?

The Social Means for The Perpetuation of OppressionWhy are some people so much richer than others?! Is it because they are smarter and more talented, better-looking and more ambitious (etc.)? Or is it possible that often times, or at least in some cases, there are other reasons, for example, like being willing to take advantage of others, or to exploit differences between people.

And why are some people so much poorer than others. Is it because they are lazy, unmotivated, and stupid? Or is it possible that it is because the system is oppressive, corrupt, and discriminatory.

Is it possible that the system is racist, and classist, and functions in a way so that some have systemic advantage over others?

I tend to believe the latter. In a rational world, no human being would be subjected to violence by another. In a rational world, no human being would go without adequate food, shelter, and belonging in community in order to be healthy and happy.

In a rational world, people's needs would be met. The system would be designed to serve life—rather than to capitalize on people's differences, and prey upon their fears.

I believe that the world—human society—is more often irrational than rational, and that wide-spread oppression exists on a culturally systemic level—in a radical (root-level) way.

Nonetheless, it should be clear to everyone that another world is possible. It doesn't have to be like this. There is enough for everyone. There is no true need for war. People can learn to get along, and co-exist in peaceful harmony with each other.
Bruce and Berd
This is me and Bruce on Monday 1 November 2010 at a speech by Glenn Greenwald. The South Puget Sound Community College student group BRICK brought Greenwald to SPSCC to speak about civil liberties and terrorism in the era of the Obama Administration.

quote from Harvey Jackins from the photo above:
The crucial social means for the perpetuation of oppression is dividing the oppressed and pitting them against each other, so that different groups of oppressed people cooperate in oppressing each other to the "benefit" of the oppressing people.

Any Colour You Like by Pink Floyd, song 7 on Dark Side of the Moon

If you haven't listened much to Pink Floyd, you might want to give them a try, I recommend it!

Stop the Abuse!

Good Morning,

It is obvious that the way the Israeli gov't and Israeli society treat Palestinians is bad for Palestinians. And it should be obvious that it's bad for Jews as well, and not only Jews living in Israel/Palestine, but all Jews.

Additionally, it's bad for the world. For Jews of conscience, who oppose the policies and behaviors of the Jewish state, what other alternative actions—other than Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions—do you propose, in order to persuade and pressure the Israeli state and society to stop abusing Palestinians?

Cascade Mountains

01 November 2010

maybe life would be better if...

maybe life would be better if the world was set up differently—instead of a society that rewards people with, and that promotes, materialism, and the maintenance of hierarchical structures where some have power over others—maybe life would be better if the world was set up for mutual/interdependent empowerment of all people (and the rest of nature) toward mutual health/prosperity/well-being, and mutual/collective liberation from oppression for all people... maybe, just maybe.