22 July 2013

Cremation of Care on YDHWM episode 1014, July 2013

Ever since bringing up the Bohemian Grove summer encampment initiation ceremony, "Cremation of Care," a few weeks ago, on the YDHWM Thurston Community Television program, I have been thinking and talking more about what might be going on there with this seemingly absurd ceremony, where some of the world's most monied and powerful men gather to "Cremate" dull care, as a mock human sacrifice — when in reality their hegemonic business efforts do indeed result in tremendous suffering, and lives lost.

Here is the video from the previous blog post, where I described calling the Bohemian Club of Taylor Street, San Francisco. One other call to the Bohemian Grove was also attempted since when this video was recorded. Both calls were received by live receptionists — even the second call to the Grove, which was after 10pm. Both calls were forwarded to voice mails.