26 April 2013

Mountain Photos (and other)

I was looking through my photos on Flickr for a couple reasons, one of them to find ones of the Olympic Mountains as seen from Olympia. I want to find the names of the prominent peaks of the Olympic Mountains, as they can be seen from Olympia.

Here are a few of the photos I came across, some more recent, some less recent.


Olympics on Budd Bay
Olympics on Budd Bay (see below the fold for a larger version)


Lee Horse Logger


Waxing Crescent
Waxing Crescent (Moon)

Sunset through trees

17 April 2013

A Smorgasbord of Photos

I was looking for a photo from a couple years ago, of corn, to share with fellow-gardeners, (because I am thinking about growing corn this year,) and I came across a bunch of photos from July, August, and September 2011... Here are a few that caught my eye. A sort of what was and what is, and what yet again may be. I hope these images may bring you some peace, as they have brought to me:

Glacier National Park Mountain Majesty

15 April 2013


Two photos of trees. The first is from Mount Rainier National Park, the mountain also known as Tahoma, and 'ti'swaq. It's from the Eastside of the park, near Ohanapecosh:

This second photo is from the Bigelow Highlands Neighborhood of Olympia, WA. It is of trees in Bigelow Park, at night, a 30 second exposure.
The Forest: For the Trees

There are more photos from that September 2009 trip to the mountain here

14 April 2013

Strummin' Guitar

This video gives a rough idea of about where my guitar playin' skills are these days:

09 April 2013

Is the fossil fuel industry a criminal racket?

Twitter embed:

01 April 2013

Some Panoramas

I was recently asked to use one of the panorama photos I have made, and had a chance to peruse some of the ones I have posted to flickr, and came up with a selection of 8 to repost here, now. I hope you enjoy. Be well.

Moxlie Creek Bridge Panorama
Moxlie Creek, Watershed Park, February 2007

Burfoot Beach 4 image panorama, view to the North
Burfoot Beach, looking North, with Olympic Mountains in sight, September 2012

Snowy Oly Madison Scenic Park Panorama
Snowy Madison Scenic Park, December 2008

Olympic Mountains
Olympic Mountains seen from Percival Landing, February 2008

Olympic National Park August 2011
Olympic National Park, August 2011

Big Clouds
Big Clouds, July 2009

Rapture at Percival Landing
Rapture alongside floating dock at Percival Landing, July 2008

10 image composite
Rocky Promontory at Zion National Park, Utah, October 2008

Emmons Glacier panorama
Emmons Glacier, 2012

Henry Jackson Visitor Center 180º Panorama
Henry Jackson Visitor Center at Paradise, 'ti'swaq, 180º panorama

Polebridge Glacier National Park Montana Panorama
Glacier National Park at Polebridge Montana Panorama

Any of these panoramas are for sale, click on them for larger sizes, and please contact me to inquire further, thanks! :-)