30 July 2005

Iraq War Failure

A LTE that I sent to my local paper, The Olympian, was published today. Yea! Here's a link to the page the letter is on.

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  1. I think you make good points here, Rob. Way to be a huge LTE contributor!

    I am posting your letter for easy reading:

    War has turned Iraq into training ground for insurgents

    There are some problems with the military's use of the Port of Olympia for the transfer of cargo.

    Three major conflicts are:

    The military presence in Budd Inlet compromises the safety of our community.
    The shipments do not fit in with long-term visions for a peaceful community.
    Residents of Thurston County are involuntarily supporting an inept, unjust, immoral and illegal military operation.
    Iraq did not pose an immediate threat to America prior to invasion.

    We need a moratorium on the transfer of military cargos, at least until the current administration's group of inept war hawks has been removed from power.

    The occupation of Iraq has compromised national security, turned Iraq into a breeding and training ground for insurgents, resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands innocent Iraqis, and led to a catastrophic crisis in how the international community views America.

    If we, as Americans, don't stand up and oppose the illegal actions of our government, the international community will come to not only blame our government but us as well.

    It is our duty, each one of us, to oppose the illegal and harmful actions of our government.

    By establishing a moratorium on military shipments at the port, the residents of Thurston County will be well represented by our elected officials.

    We need to withdraw our endorsement for a poorly planned, and executed, not to mention blatantly illegal, military incursion into a sovereign nation.

    Robert, Olympia