30 January 2007

Carbon Glacier and River

Carbon River Glacier


  1. New camera?? That photo is great!! Have you checked out Google photo yet? I highly recommend everything Google. They're taking over my desktop.

    Anyhow, I love the contrast in this photo; the shiny carbon against the vast mountain. So well conceived!

    Great work, as always!

  2. What's a "natural history journal" entry?

  3. hopefully camera delivery tomorrow

    I haven't tried google photo, is that picasa? flickr is pretty awesome too, a lot of people have accounts and photo sharing is very easy. I am glad that you like the photo.

    A natural history is writing that focuses on the description of nature. For example, I could focus on light, the amount of light making it through the canopy cover - or the quality of the light. The smells, the colors, the specific types of flora and fauna I might have observed.

    So, it's a journal that is descriptive and observational of nature, basically.