14 December 2008

Violence is the Problem, Not the Solution

Violence is the Problem, NOT the SolutionWe have a choice. We can work to create a life-serving culture of peace, justice, truth, nonviolence, sustainability, fairness, equity, inclusiveness, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, (and etc.).

Or we can continue to engage in the current system with all of its harmful aspects - damage, degradation and destruction to the Earth, to Humanity and to much of the natural flora and fauna of the planet.

The Revered James Lawson said, "Violence has not brought peace to our lives." Indeed, he is proven correct.

Albert Einstein said that "We cannot solve our problems with the same type of thinking that created them."

So, what type of thinking has created these problems? These types of thinking are responsible for creating many of the problems we face: dominance (human v. nature, human v. human), conquest, limitless growth.

It is insane to think that economic growth can solve the economic woes of our day. Instead, the real economic solutions exist in downsizing, in localizing, in curtailment and in sharing.

Violence is the problem, not the solution. Economic growth is the problem, not the solution.

I am going to think about how to fix this world, so that it is not left battered and bruised and utterly abused to members of generations forthcoming. What types of thinking and social/economic practices can and will lead to healing and remedy in the broken and abusive relationship between humanity and the natural world? What types of changes are you willing to make?

Peace be with you on this journey.

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