12 February 2010

What would you wish for?

If you could make a wish and you knew it would come true, then what would you wish for? (And there is no asking for an unlimited number of wishes - everyone gets only one wish.)

Answers from this form get entered into a google spreadsheet document. Here's the link: output


  1. Oh boy. Do I want to think too hard about this? There is no perfect wish. I can go the simplistic and frivolous route, or I can try and be the humanitarian in my wish... The problem is, there's too many wishes! Oh goodness, now you've got me in a mind rut... what do I choose?!

  2. You can make more than one wish if you want. The directions are not quite correct. You just can't ask for an unlimited number. Remember to be careful what you wish for! And no pressure either. Wish at your own leisure.