05 October 2011

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Bully Free Zone
Bully Free Zone...

Some say labor unions act like a bully. Some say owners act like a bully. Some say the USA acts like a bully in the world.

What should be clear, is that bullying is wrong. Hopefully humanity is evolving toward the elimination of bullying.


  1. The great thing about consensual relationships between adults--whether they be sexual or economic--is that it's none of my business. If two men want to marry, great. If one laborer does not want to engage in a relationship with his employer because he doesn't like the terms, great. Why do support non-consensual relationships, sometimes known as rape?

  2. If I don't like the way a partner acts for one reason or another, I have the option of leaving. If I don't like the way an employer acts for one reason or another, I have the option of leaving. Why are you anti-choice?

  3. Thanks for the questions, and comments.

    I'm totally pro-choice, and pro-consentEmployers have the option of paying their employees decent wages.

    Everyone is free to determine what they consider to be a decent wage.

    Discussion of decent wages are also totally on the table for open discussion in the community.

    Also open for discussion is owner and executive salaries.

    It would be good to know about the finances of this project. What was the cash profit margin for the company?

    I think laborers ought to be entitled to decent wages.

    And owners and executives should be prevented from taking indecently large amounts of money.

    What do you think?