31 January 2012

Some Recent Photos

The scene at Boston Harbor, on Saturday the 28th of January.

Gazebo with gull at the end of the boardwalk, Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, Sunday 29 January

View from the Gazebo, in the distance is the Tacoma Narrows, and the Narrows Bridge can be seen.

Percival Landing, during the weekly peace vigil, Friday 27 January—the vigil is sponsored by the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation

Scene from the "snowpocalypse"—a week of snow, including one very significant event, descended upon the Puget Sound Lowlands. The first snows fell on Saturday the 14th. Then the big snow happened Tuesday night the 17th. Atmospheric conditions warmed so that rain fell. It was not warm enough to melt the snow, some of which is still around in piles today, Tuesday the 31st of January. Many tree branches snapped under the weight of the heavy snow, and many electrical lines were damaged. Hundreds of thousands of people were without electrical service for days.

Thursday 26 January 2012, View of the "Isthmus", former Department of Corrections building (aka "Mistake on the Lake,) and the former site of Occupy Olympia, an encampment in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street—against the harmful socio-economic-cultural status quo that trickles down.

Crescent Moon and Venus
Thursday the 26th, Crescent Moon and Venus above Washington State Legislative Building dome—not pictured is the planet Jupiter, which has also of late been joined by the Moon and Venus in the evening sky.

snow scene
Snow scene, Heritage Park, former site of Occupy Olympia, on Wednesday the 18th of January. This was a major snow day. Many if not most schools were closed, and many businesses were also shuttered. Annie Appel, Evergreen graduate and LA area photographer, visited Olympia, and conducted a series of portraits to help tell the story of the Occupy Movement. Please learn more about Annie and her portrait project here:
and short YouTube documentaries here:

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