29 January 2013

Photos from Percival Landing

I was just looking for a photo from Percival Landing, the one that's featured on the cover of the January 22 edition of Olympia Power and Light newspaper. When I typed "percival landing" into the search bar on my Flickr account, 792 results returned. And I think there are some that are not properly labeled, so it likely missed quite a few. So, I have quite a few pictures of Percival Landing, many are from the classic perspective looking North from near the "kissing statue" by 4th Ave and Water Street. One of the reasons I have so many photos from there is because that's where the weekly Friday evening peace vigil takes place.

Here are some more mostly of the more recent Percival Landing photos that came up in the search result:

Percival Landing

Percival Landing

Percival Landing

Percival Landing

Percival Landing

Seen from South Percival Landing

Dramatic Clouds

January 2013 High Tide

9:30 A.M. Monday 17 December 2012, Percival Landing High Tide


I also did a high v. low tide comparison photo shoot, see that here: olyblog.net/tidal-fluctuation-and-high-tide

I do hope that you are well, please have a good day, week, month, year, decade, century, millennium, and so on. heehee :-) Berd

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