17 April 2013

A Smorgasbord of Photos

I was looking for a photo from a couple years ago, of corn, to share with fellow-gardeners, (because I am thinking about growing corn this year,) and I came across a bunch of photos from July, August, and September 2011... Here are a few that caught my eye. A sort of what was and what is, and what yet again may be. I hope these images may bring you some peace, as they have brought to me:

Glacier National Park Mountain Majesty

The Corn!

Forest Trail
Forest Trail (This is one of my favorites.)

Olympics in July
Olympics in July, seen from Scenic Beach State Park, during the annual Fellowship of Reconciliation regional conference at Seabeck, on the Hood Canal

Madison Scenic View
Madison Scenic Park trailhead view (~summery late evening twilight!)

Waxing Crescent
Waxing Crescent

Olympic National Park August 2011
Tall Trees (with burn scars, on the Staircase Trail.)

Olympic National Park August 2011
Sunlit Forest

Olympic National Park August 2011
Creekside Flowers

Mid-August morning in the forest

Bedroom right after move in (...on a more personal note:)

"MORA" The Mountain. Tachoma, 'ti'swaq. Icy in the summertime. Blue Sky.

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