15 May 2013

On the Program

I was on the Your Daily Hour With Me TCTV program a couple weeks ago, on the second of May, the program includes some footage of the MV Star Dieppe, a cargo ship arrival in Budd Inlet to deliver to the Port of Olympia ceramic proppants for fracking. That episode is one hour in length, and is posted to the internet on YouTube here.

I was on the program again today 20130515 (Wednesday 15 May.) After turning on the tapes we talked for about an hour about various topics, including religion and politics, psychology and ecology, industry and environment, wealth and poverty. It felt good, we had some laughs, and despite a couple of technical difficulties, we made a few phone calls, including to Elder Gordon and Elder Hill, Missionaries with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I had fun. That program is scheduled to air in a week from now, on Wednesday the 22nd of May, at 11:30pm on TCTV Channel 22.

Here the video from the 2nd of May is also embedded in this here blog post:

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