03 June 2013


Swinging into late springtime the long days are markedly discernable. Even at 9:50pm tonight there was a seriously bright extended twilight glow, and not just in the northwest, I saw it in the south and east too.

Here are three recent photos from the last few days, one is an amazing rose, blooming brilliantly, this one had a lovely fragrance as well:

The next is a chicken from my friends' house. I have been helping take care of the chickens, the next feat is to get the adult chickens and new chicks living together in harmony without anyone automatically trying to peck anyone else to death...

Finally, here is one looking into the distance with a golden sunset glow on the trees, and some electric utility poles and wires in the shot, which reminds me of what's been going on with Puget Sound Energy and the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission. PSE made their annual rate increase request, although this year was a little different, for a few reasons. One was that they asked for decoupling, another was that they asked for automatic rate increases for the next three years (rather than having to return to make their case each year.) It's a long story, that I will leave for another time, although I have been posting some more on Facebook. One of the other questions I have is about their Green Power program, and their wind generating facilities. I want to know why they charge their customers a premium for their green power program when the cost of building and operating their wind generating facilities came out of the rate-base.
Trees in the distance

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