27 August 2013

Support for Scott Yoos in the Wake of Traumatic Experience

Two years my friend Scott A. Yoos, Scotty, had a run in with local law enforcement that resulted in a lengthy ordeal in the local court system. Scotty recently took a plea bargain under an Alford clause, which allowed him to maintain the cause of innocence, while accepting a plea deal in order to avoid jury trial. He was being charged with felony assault of a police officer, after one of the arresting officers filed a report (a month after the incident took place,) in the report, the officer claimed that Scott had kicked him. Anyone who knows Scott knows that he would only kick in self-defense and when very scared. Since the incident, many questions have been asked about how police resources have been spent, and about the training police officers receive so that they are sure to be able to handle difficult situations, for example, like in the case of Scott, who is mute, and also suffers from TBI and PTSD in the wake of a vicious attack in 1984, that almost killed him and left him without ability to speak.

Now after the lengthy court ordeal, there is need for more funds to cover fines, fees, and legal expenses.

Find out more at www.scottysupport.blogspot.com

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