20 October 2006

Corruption and Faith

The former chief of the infamous White House project on faith based initiatives disillusioned to the lies and deception of George W. Bush. Not too late to make a splash before the mid-term elections in November. Pass it on.
Losing Faith in the President
Critical Book by Ex-Staffer in Religion-Based Effort Is Out
By Alan Cooperman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, October 17, 2006; Page A19

White House officials realized they had a problem, former staffer David Kuo writes in his new book, "Tempting Faith," when they saw how a panel rated the first applications for grants under the "faith-based initiative," President Bush's vaunted effort to help religious charities.


"It was obvious that the ratings were a farce," he writes, adding that he and other White House aides feared that if the list became public, "it would show once and for all that the initiative was purely about paying off political friends for their support."

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Now, really George, what, exactly, would Jesus do?

Take these truths to church, to temple, etc... George Bush's policies do not make spiritual sense.

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  1. Mr. George W. Bush ("President" - though I estimate you are not a real president, but a malicious faker, I would prefer to refer to you as "Resident" of the USA):

    Would Jesus approve of the CIA torture interrogation technique of water boarding? Would Jesus approve of the wanton destruction occurring in Iraq as a result of your invasion? Would Jesus approve of wars of conquest and aggression?

    Would Jesus approve of you?