01 February 2007

The Decider

The problem is that Bush is the decider, but his decisions are not good ones. His decisions are not right for America, for Iraq, or for the world.

It's not okay to decide to invade and occupy a nation because of a desire to control its natural resources (that's oil, folks).

And that is what the USA has done in Iraq. The invasion and nearly 4 years of occupation have been about establishing geo-strategic and geo-economic dominance. It's a Project for a New American Century.

In other words, Iraq is hot property, and George Bush (et al.) decided to go for it; whatever the cost. Unfortunately, the cost has been immeasurably high for a great many uncounted hundreds of thousands Iraqis and Americans alike, who have suffered grievous harm as a result of the callous and careless, illegal and immoral war of aggression that the Bush Administration has foisted upon the world.


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