02 February 2007

Legality of U.S. Actions in Iraq

Two weeks ago, citizens from around the United States gathered at The Evergreen State College Tacoma Campus for a hearing on the legality of U.S. actions in Iraq. The gathering was prompted by First Lieutenant Ehren Watada's (thankyoult.org) courageous refusal to deploy for service in what he considers to be the illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq.

Watada believes that the war was justified on false premises, and that there was no true military cause or necessity for the invasion and subsequent ongoing occupation. As such, the war can be seen as a war of choice, i.e. a war of aggression.

The Citizen's Hearing panelists have recently released a report of their findings. It can be found here.

Please support Watada's courageous and principled stand in opposition to an illegal, immoral, aggressive and imperialist military action.

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