14 June 2009

Signs Posted on Fence Near Fort Lewis Berkeley Street / Freedom Bridge / I-5 exit 122 Gate

Fort Lewis Army Base, Washington State

Duty Honor Country

From Valley Forge to Now -

You are the very foundation of our freedom.

Troops: You are all awesome!

On the 8th day, GOD Created:

"Land of the Free"

Remember Them


  1. Those on the Left like to say "Might does not make right."

    Apparently liking their wisdom packaged in nursey rhyme, it is interesting how you never hear them say, "Strong does not make wrong."

    For some reason, the Left automatically assumes that since "Might does not make right", then whomever is strongest must be wrong.

    When co-dependency is the fuel of your ideology, I guess that makes sense.

  2. The United States is acting like a great big bully.

    To pursue domination over others is wrong.