20 August 2009

A Foot in Two Different Worlds

This is a rough dissertation. I am sick and tired of corporate power and socially/environmentally/spiritually destructive economic systems. Another way is possible...

I feel like I am living in two different worlds. One is the world of economic necessity, a world that for many people is cold, hard, cruel and oppressive. This is the world of bottomline economics. It is a world where profit motive is the reality. Yes, there are values here, but even the positive values of this world often times (and ever increasingly so in decades recent) get steamrolled by the sheer weight of motive for financial profit. This world is a world of fear. Fear of destitution. Fear of hunger, of alienation. Fear of scarcity. Fear of punishment for stepping out of line. Fear of termination from employment for political activity and/or political beliefs. In this world, hate and violence operate on a daily basis. People are corralled by big media into groups, where their differences are analyzed, and hostility and distrust are provoked.

Then there is another world. A world that exists to replace the current reality. A world of hope and love and care. There is a rainbow between these two worlds. A bridge. Let's walk it. Cross the bridge with me into this other world.

In the other world, which exists in the dreams of many people, and is, excitingly increasingly taking shape into a real physical and philosophical form, the principles of success relate to our abilities to co-exist harmoniously with each other, and the planet. Success relates to our abilities to care for one another, and to make provision and space for the meaningful and uplifting economic contribution from everyone. To work and to have health care is a human right. No one should have to struggle to find meaningful and positive work. No one should have to live without access to health care. Success can be measured by our abilities to care for each other.

Both of these worlds exist. The world of light, of kindness, of compassion, forgiveness, tolerance of personal differences, of cooperation, of equitable distribution of resources, of long-term sustainability, of uplifting and life-serving economic structures awaits. The rainbow bridge awaits. Join me in walking the path toward another world. A world that is human. A world that is benign. A world where care is among the pinnacles of human achievement.

Blessings. May Peace Be Unto You.

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