01 August 2009

Hold the torturers accountable.

Hold the torturers accountable.

I had a conversation with my friend Sarah today about torture. I enjoyed it and I am glad that we got to talk. We talked about waterboarding. I think a lot of people don't understand exactly what it would be like to be waterboarded. She told me that there has been some good coverage in Time magazine, and also in Vanity Fair, which has taken a strong stand against what the Bush Administration has done. She also mentioned the work of Christopher Hitchens (in Vanity Fair,) who apparently went so far as to have himself actually waterboarded. I haven't gone through and looked at those news pieces, but it's promising that it's out there.

Waterboarding is very serious. If you can imagine being strapped to a board, and lifted up while laying on your back to have your head dunked under water until you can't hold your breath... and then gasping for air, only to have your lungs fill with water. Well, it is truly horrible to think about. No one, guilty or innocent, should be treated in such a barbaric manner.

We need to hold the torturers accountable. For the welfare of future generations; It's imperative.

To the Obama Administration: Please, take a strong stand against torture. Investigate to find out if US operatives are still conducting torture (in any form.) And if there is any torture occurring, then put an end to it immediately.

Also, investigate the Bush Administration, to find out who was torturing, where, when, how, and why. I believe that the people deserve to know the truth. We need a full accounting in order to heal as a nation.

Please watch this excellent interview with Christopher Pyle. It's by Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!. It deals with the problem of military overreach into civil society, and the importance of holding the torturers accountable.
Christopher Pyle, Whistleblower Who Sparked Church Hearings of 1970s, on Military Spying of Olympia Peace Activists


  1. I agree that is an excellent interview, very informative. The Bush administration should be investigated and those responsible (at the top) should be confronted and held accountable. It is shameful that our country has tortured.

  2. re: your picture on Olyblog of the three men drinking beer did not include the BLACK officer that was also present at the scene and agreed with the arrest 100%. Why do you think he wasn't invited? Too bad our president and the professor practice racial profiling, I guess racism persists.


    There's a bike missing, a black person must be in the wrong.

    There's a dispute between a black professor and a white cop, the white cop must be a racist. (And apparently also his black partners that witnessed the entire thing.)

  3. Linda: Thank you for commenting! I agree!

    Anonymous. About the picture on OlyBlog. I disagree with your statements on racism. I have a different perspective that you do. Please respect that.

  4. Why wasn't the black cop that agreed with the arrest invited?

  5. I guess we do have a different view of racism: My definition is when you base ANY decision solely on the color of skin color. Mine comes from MLK Jr., what about you?

  6. Thanks for a great conversation.

    The Christopher Hitchens piece is Believe Me, It's Torture

  7. So, Berd, as a racist, can you explain why the black officer wasn't invited?