07 April 2010

War Taxes and War Profits

War...Profits?In the USA, almost half of collected income taxes are used to support the military industrial complex. I think that such militarism is wrong, i.e. morally incorrect.

And as if such an expenditure on the military is not bad enough, to add insult to injury: some people are actually profiting off of the sales of military and war related products and functions.

And as if that's not bad enough, the wars our government are engaged in are not even defensive!

The body politic is paying for (is subsidizing) profits reaped from what are essentially imperial ventures, wars of profit. I think that is just plain wrong (as well as basically disgusting, in the sense of offensive.) War is the worst violence. And aggression is the worst crime, because in aggression therein cumulatively lie all manner of harm and violence.

I believe that no one deserves to profit from war. And indeed, that no one should profit from war (nor any other harmful economic activity.) What do you think?

Please inform your lawmaking representatives, at all levels of gov't, of your beliefs on this matter.

Also, on tax day in Olympia, Washington there will be War Tax Resistance Leafletting. There might be similar efforts in your neck of the woods.


p.s. I have a letter published in today's (Thursday, April 8) edition of The Olympian newspaper: April 8, 2010 Letters to the Editor | The Olympian

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