12 April 2010

Words about the World

I think that the concept of unfettered capitalism lends itself to violence, ranging from household violence, to workplace violence, to community violence, to the violence that is expressed between nations - as well as all other types of violence.

So long as it is considered socially acceptable for one person to put down another, then there will probably always be those amongst us whom will be willing to engage in unscrupulous (i.e. harmful) activities and behaviors (like, for example, killing, cheating, lying, stealing, greediness, exploitation, and dealing in fear and cruelty,) which are geared toward the purpose of personal gain and maintaining power over others.

The above is adapted from a statement written this past January. It was about the Bohemian Grove, the Cremation of Care Ceremony, and a missing child named Lindsey Baum.

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