25 October 2010

Joy to the World!

Flowering tree on the 24th of May, 2010 in Olympia


  1. How long will you turn a blind eye to Palestinian suffering at the hands of Jordan and Lebanon? You are clearly more interested in criticizing Israel than helping Palestinians?

    What is your opinion of Lebanon's treatment of Palestinians?

    You're so full of shit Berd.

  2. Palestinians living in Lebanon are denied the right to own property, and do not qualify for health care, and are banned by law from working in a large number of jobs.

    What the fuck is your opinion on this Berd? Speak up in the name of all injustices, rather than being the mindless predictable "activist".

  3. "As Palestinians in Lebanon we have no rights. We just want to live with dignity," said Palestinian Imtithal Abu Samra.

    Berd to Imtithal: My concern exists soley as a platform to criticize Israel or America. My back is turned, make no mistake about it.