16 October 2010

Peace Vigil at Percival Landing Friday 15 October 2010

Friday 15 October 2010 Peace Vigil at Percival Landing
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  1. I heard that you think the idea of Black colleges is racist? Fact or fiction?

  2. Honestly, before now I hadn't thought of whether the idea of black colleges is racist—much less discussed this topic with anyone.

    So, I am curious. Where did you hear that?

    I definitely support the idea, and the being, of all women's colleges. So I suppose the idea of all black colleges isn't really too much different from the idea of all women's colleges, now, is it?

    May peace be upon you.

  3. It was reported that you thought that because Black colleges 'exclude' other races...or, alternatively, elevated a specific race...it was racist and wrong.

    As you state, this presumably applied to Women's colleges and colleges that exclude on the basis of religion.

  4. Fascinating! Maybe you could share where it was reported; I am curious!

  5. It was reported that you believe that institutions that have special designations in regards to race or ethnicity were racist.

  6. Why do you boycott Israeli Arabs?

  7. Berd only cares about Palestinians when it gives him a chance to criticize Israel. If he gave a damn about the Palestinians, anonymous posts like this wouldn't be necessary.