24 April 2011

New Material

It is Easter Sunday, and although I don't consider myself to be Christian, I do recognize Jesus as a pretty awesome human being! I was somewhat raised Catholic, so I understand some about the event. I think it is good to ask questions. For example, who was Jesus. What was the reason he was killed. How has his life and death been interpreted and used?

Anyway, happy Passover, and happy Easter, or whatever other you might celebrate at this time of year (like the start of the growing season, in the Northern hemisphere, the return of the Sun...)

I have posted new stuff on my other blogs, like a video about Artswalk and Procession of the Species 2011 on OlyBlog, here. Also I have new photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube, and other material on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are in Olympia, make sure to get to the Capitol Theatre this week for the Olympia Film Society showing of "I Am," a documentary film by director Tom Shadyac (director of Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty.) It is about human consciousness, social/political/economic evolution of consciousness. Trailer posted below.


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