09 April 2011

Some Thoughts about Nuclear Weapons, Bullying, and Policy

I will not bully.
This photo is from the 3rd of March 2011. It was for an F.O.R. [http://forusa.org/] effort to post photos of people holding signs like this on a giant electronic billboard in (I think, though I am not sure) Manhattan, downtown NYC.

I was reminded of it because of I was arraigned on federal trespassing charges yesterday in Tacoma, WA. I and six others are accused of trespassing on the Naval Nuclear Weapons/Submarine Base Kitsap—Bangor, during a protest hosted by the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action [http://gzcenter.org/], on Martin Luther King day this year (15 January 2011.)

KOMO had a TV camera and reporter there, and also a journalist with the radio station.

During a pre-arraignment rally and vigil, I was able to speak in front of the TV camera for a little bit, and then reporter from the radio station did a short interview with me.

In front of the camera I echoed previous comments made by my fellow defendants, about being inspired by the actions of the Disarm Now Swords into Plowshares group [disarmnowplowshares.wordpress.com].

I also mentioned being thankful for the hard work that the GZ Center does, and my reason for being there, which is to inspire increased awareness, and inspire people to ask whether we might be on the wrong track as far as these weapons are concerned—and if so, then how we might go about abolishing them as soon as possible!

I am glad the KOMO radio reporter also stopped me before entering the courthouse, because I was able to talk more about my reasons for being there. Which is where the bullying idea comes in. My opposition to nuclear weapons is not only based on their destructive potential (and illegality,) but because their existence is designed to support, enable, and further policies and practices of economic and political dominance.

So I ask why, when it is wrong for children to bully in kindergarten, is it considered normal or acceptable for grown-ups to bully in the marketplace or in the international political arena?

Just say no to bullying!

[also see "no more Hiroshimas or Nagasakis": www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1589328&l=9ad9eae545&id=1061322373]

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