24 May 2011

Turn the Budget Around, re-post


A couple photos and a video from the event. The Olympian also has a story, I'll put a link down below.
Sunday 22 May 2011—Members of the Olympia local and Western Washington chapters of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Veterans for Peace Rachel Corrie Chapter local 109, and many other community members built a wall out of cardboard boxes to represent the Military-Industrial Complex, and called to Turn the Budget Around—to re-direct military spending toward mutually uplifting peaceful alternatives, like schools, health care, environmental protection, and full employment.

The Wall of the Military Industrial Complex, dividing people from each other.

Artesian Rumble Arkestra adds to the festive atmosphere
Turn the Budget Around
Turn the Budget Around!
video: Turn the Budget Around!
Link to The Olympian article: http://www.theolympian.com/2011/05/23/1660702/their-thoughts-are-outside-the.html

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