26 May 2011

Who Rules the World

_MG_7600Social Cohesion and the Bohemian Grove, an interesting article by William Domhoff: I became interested in the Bohemian Grove a few years ago. I am not recalling what led to my initial interest. But since then I have actually traveled to the Grove, in April 2009 (photo below). Every year, there is an initiation ceremony at the beginning of the Summer Encampment at the Grove. It is called the Cremation of Care, and involves the ritual sacrifice of the effigy of a child, dubbed "Dull Care." There is rumor that real children, not effigies, have been sacrificed in this ceremony.

The Grove is interesting to me. How so many powerful men can meet in relative seclusion and secrecy, the rest of the world excluded from their minglings: it is astounding. I encourage you to look it up, and learn more.

The Domhoff article (Domhoff is a professor at UC Santa Cruz) is interesting for its information about the Bohemian Grove, as well as for its insights into the sociological aspects of the gathering.

One question I have is about the giant owl that presides over the Cremation of Care ceremony, and I want to know more about the idea that this owl is related to Moloch, an ancient Babylonian deity that required ritual human sacrifice.

Here's a link to the Domhoff article:

Here's a photo of the main entrance to the Bohemian Grove:
Bohemian Grove Entrance

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