25 June 2011

Competition and Consciousness

From some ideas relating to the post I previously mentioned on OlyBlog:

Competition may have its place. But when competition gets to the point of subduing, subjugating, demeaning—of behaving in ways that are downright cruel (or even just unfriendly,) then what good is that!

Mean-spirited competition, oppressive competition, divides—it opens up corridors for greed and avarice, toward pursuit of conquest.

Competition and Consciousness
When there is competition to get rich, and there is also insufficient consciousness and caring about others' well-being, then we wind up with social situations ripe for the outbreak of violence—violence even to the extreme point of war.

Because the real cause of war is competition over material resources, and the quest for material and economic superiority.

And truth is the first casualty of war.

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