02 June 2011

Protest Trial Update

Wednesday 1 June 2011
Information about trespassing trial, pleaded guilty today. News here: olyblog.net/protest-trial-tomorrow

[The following are thoughts I had the day after:

It's Thursday morning. I woke up with the feeling that I had been railroaded by the prosecution into a guilty plea. I was led to believe that I wouldn't be afforded a public defender because the prosecution was not seeking jail time. However, the judge made it apparent that if we were to pursue a plea of not guilty then, based on financial need, a public defense might be possible.

Now it seems that I have a federal criminal record...but I think most people will understand that my actions were based in altruism, and my actions and those of my co-defendants were also very respectful of humanity and all life on this planet.

Thursday afternoon: The actions of my government leave me feeling depressed. I know this is a simplified way of looking at the situation, because the problem is much deeper and bigger than "the government." The problem is actually socio-cultural. And it is about the political-economic that is built on that socio-cultural phenomenon.

I have thought (many times, and for many years previous to now) of suing the government for inflicting emotional and psychological harm.

As someone who cares about humanity and all life on the planet, the actions and policies of my government leave me feeling depressed.]

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