19 September 2011

Celebrating International Day of Peace

Here in Olympia, Washington, we had a festival to celebrate the International Day of Peace. It was sponsored by the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation. We set up a couple of tents and a path of peace. In the tents we had information, and we also listened to a singing bowl concert. The path of peace was constructed out of 12 pieces of bamboo poles ranging in length from about 7 feet to about 20 feet. We used twine to secure the poles, and to string up about a hundred or so pieces of cloth with "peace" written in as many different languages.

The idea with peace written in so many different languages is to suggest that we all have something in common. We may look different, or speak different languages, but we are all still part of one human family. On the most basic level, we are all one, interconnected beings. Interconnected energetically, spiritually. Our actions affect each other. And if we want a world that is peaceful for ourselves, and for our children, for our friends and family and neighbors, then it makes sense to be kind to everyone, regardless of whatever differences there might be between us.

After people had a chance to walk through the "Path of Peace", and listen to the concert of singing bowls, we were led on a meditative peace walk (in the style of Thich Nhat Han,) by Miles, who is a local Zen Buddhist Priest.

Here's a video and some photos from the event. Please enjoy. Thank you.




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