03 September 2011

A few recent photos

Big Shelf Fungus

I have a few more recent photos posted on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rwhitlock/


  1. When will the oppression of Palestinians stop?!


  2. I am not sure how your comment relates to this post! But I am also not sure that Israel is free from oppression.

    It is good that Israelis do not have to pass through Palestinian checkpoints to access hospitals, job sites, potable water, and for family visits.

    Maybe if Palestinians in turn did not have to face this type of ongoing daily discrimination, then there would be space for a more open and liberal, more feminist and less violent, Palestinian society.

    What do you think?

    Don't Palestinians deserve to be treated well, to have economic security, to live in peace?

  3. Hilarious! Yes, oppressive right-wing conservative Islamic law ONLY exists in Gaza--nowhere else! You're hilarious Berd.

  4. Why do you view the Palestinians as children, or sub-humans, completely beyond responsibility for their actions? Why do you judge people based on their ethnic group?

  5. I don't judge people based on ethnicity, nor do I view Palestinians as sub-human.