18 June 2012

For Better Mental Health: End Aggression

I just received an email from Senator Patty Murray. She is working on getting a system wide review of problems with the health of people in the military.

Here's an email I quickly sent off in reply to the Senator's:
Dear Patty,

Do you think part of the issue with the health problems of so many active duty and veteran military personnel might be that the military itself, overall, is engaged in unjust actions geared toward posture and practice of aggressive national dominance?

Thanks for giving it some thought.

Maybe it's time for an overall shift in priorities here. Away from aggression, bullying and questing for dominance—and toward equality and cooperation, with goodwill toward all people, regardless of their nationality, or any other defining difference (be it age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or socio-economic status, etc.)

It is one thing for Senators and other politicians and the State itself to talk about having goodwill toward all people. It is another thing entirely to practice goodwill toward all people.

The facts on the ground show that the USA does not practice goodwill, but instead practices an aggressive and hostile posture of control over resources and economics.

Also, please consider how the policies affect people who are not directly in the military, or in the path of military aggression.

Thank you again.


Robert F. W. Whitlock
Olympia, Washington
(360) 259-4291
At the 2012 Olympia Air Show

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