26 June 2012

New Profile Picture

A friend asked me about my new profile picture, "What's the story" ...

I was standing in front of a helicopter, I think it's a 'blackhawk', at the Olympia Air Show, while taking a break during a day of tabling for the Thurston Public Power Initiative (www.thurstonpublicpower.org). 

I guess the story might be something like, I want to stand in front of this helicopter to make it impossible to use it to perpetrate acts of aggression! 

Aggression is wrong in our community, and it is wrong amongst nations. And a great amount of Aggression has been committed in the name of the national interests of the USA, enough is enough. No more people of any nation shall suffer harm because of the Aggression of this nation!

I also used the photo as inspiration to write a letter to my Senator, Patty Murray, to ask her to support changing national policies with regard to benefit the health of people in the military. The rate of suicide among people in the military is very high right now. I argue that one of the reasons is because so many of the activities of the military are unjust, and are geared not toward defense, but instead constitute an Aggression geared toward national dominance, and international economic hegemony for giant corporations and their benefactors...

here's the photo again:

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