28 October 2012

Some Photos, Late October 2012

Mountainous terrain, seen from Sim'layshee (Eagle Peak), Ti'swaq' (Mt. Rainier)

Mt. Rose Vista

Sand into water
Drepung Monastery Loseling Monks ceremonially pour sand from a Mandala into water at Percival Landing, Budd Bay, Puget Sound, Pacific Ocean

Light of autumn Moon, with mountains and sea
Light of autumn Moon with mountains and sea

Surreal light with smoke in the sky
Surreal light with smoke in the sky

These photos are from the past few months, weeks, and days.

Still working hard on the public power campaign to authorize the PUD to provide electrical service. Vote Yes on County Proposition No. 1. Lower rates, better reliability, good for labor and environment, jobs, service, infrastructure, local economics, stewardship. www.ThurstonPublicPower.org

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