15 October 2012

Support Public Power Proposition 1 for PUD Electrification

For the full view, support public power proposition 1 on your Thurston County election ballot this fall. Ballots go out this Wednesday, and the electric company has been spending huge amounts of cash to oppose this proposition. The proposition would allow for the Public Utility District to provide electricity.

So please mark your ballot Yes on Proposition 1. Whether it's because you dislike PSE, or because you just want a better way of doing business for generations into the future— vote Yes on Prop 1 for local control, so that the people of Thurston County can have a choice.

Take the wide view, increase our options. Vote Yes on Prop 1.


And on a separate topic, just for fun here's a 360º panoramic photo from Mt. Ellinor from earlier this month:

Mt Ellinor 360º

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