05 August 2005

Forget the Facelift, Look for a New Body

Is it possible that America is beyond the point of return to sanity and normalcy? Damn right it's possible. The mainstream media is slipping gradually into full blown doublespeak. The federal government is nearly totally out to lunch regarding issues of concern (e.g. healthcare, tax cuts for the ultra-rich, the crisis in ecology, etc.) for the people of the United States of America.

I found this great piece of wisdom on an open thread discussion at TruthOut.org;

Quinn's First Law. It won't surprise you. It may even strike you as obvious. Here it is. 'No undesirable behavior has ever been eliminated by passing a law against it'.

The second is Buckminster Fuller's Law, which is this: You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

I have been troubled lately by a sense of overwhelm and powerlessness when confronted with the realities of our environment. Belligerence is reaching unprecedented levels, both in government, but also in civil society. There is a polarization that is undermining society. The mainstream media representations of current events is desensitizing and debasing.

The comment I found came in the nick of time. Yes, I feel and believe it is high time for a new model, a new culture, a new society altogether.

There are some ideas already floating around in many of our consciousnesses. I am looking forward to a discussion about this topic!


  1. Good post.

    I can see how the right and the disturbing state of the environment can get you down. It weighs on me too...but the best way for the Right to win is for people like us to give in to hopelessness.

    The quotes you post suggest nothing short of a revolution. While I'm absolutely not opposed to a paradigm shift, I'm not a massive fan of a bloody revolution of any sort. I just want people to take responsibility for their damn actions! Corporations, namely.

    You're right that the United States isn't united, in just about anything. It's discouraging and a huge let down. And shoves in my face every day what "could be".

    Check out Natural Capitalism. I really like that-and, of course you should read The Structure of Scientific Revolution, all about paradigm shifts.

  2. I apologize if I implied violent revolution, but I think you're just projecting that. Quite the opposite in fact, I don't think violence is a viable solution for the resolution of conflict, I have written as much in my letters.

    The message I intended to broadcast was that we should consider the possibility of trying to change the system, whether in reformation or transformation from within in regard to futility. I think it makes sense, like Thomas Kuhn wrote in his overwhelmingly dry and verbose, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, the potential for a new model, a better model (a key aspect of which would necessarily be non-violence) to challenge and eventually overtake the destructive and wasteful society of which we are currently part of.

  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog! I was a little hasty there, I am hungry (and cooking dinner) and came off a little abruptly.


  4. no problem--i definitely didn't think you were implying a violent revolution; it's just what comes to mind when strong statements of change come up. I'm definitely up for a lot of revolutions!